Salvatore Russo

Doctor of Dental Hygiene with a degree from the University of Tor Vergata – Rome, with a thesis on “Accumulation of bacterial plaque: the importance in the choice of materials used for the realisation of fixed prosthetic restorations in the evolution of periodontal disease”.

Technical and Health Care Professions Sciences with a master’s degree from Sapienza University – Rome, with a thesis on “Dental management: new organisational management in dentistry”

Master in Advanced Technologies in the Sciences of Oral Hygiene at the Sapienza University – Rome, with thesis “Diode Laser: a modern technology as a support in the clinical practice of the Dental Hygienist” AWARDS Commission member in Thesis sessions of the Degree in Dental Hygiene at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, at the Master of “La Sapienza” University of Rome, at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome “Agostino Gemelli”, at the University of Naples “Federico II”

Member of the Scientific Committee, Rapporteur and Clinical Tutor Academy

Master Class Speaker at courses and national conferences on the use of laser diodes

Author of articles related to the use of laser diodes

Member of SILO Italian Society for Laser Dentistry.

2014-2015 Consultant at the Dental Department of the Carabinieri Corps, “Salvo D’Acquisto” Barracks – Rome
In 1997 Speaker at the Fatebenefratelli hospital in Rome “Special types of treatment and maintenance in social dentistry”
Since1994 has collaborated as a Dental Hygienist in several dental offices in Rome
1994 – 1997 Volunteer at CEM (Motor Education Center of the Red Cross) as a Dental Hygienist on Patients with Disabilities
1992 – 2002 ANID Member (National Association of Dental Hygienists)
1994 Achieved triennial certificate of Dental Hygienist at the “San Giovanni Calibita” hospital (Fatebenefratelli) Tiber Island – Rome
1983 – 2002 Owner of a dental practice
1983 Obtained a dental technician diploma at the IPSIA Institute of Rome
1978 – 1983 Professional experience in various dental practices of Rome