Invisalign invisible device

Invisalign invisible device

With the “invisible device”, Invisalign, you can have a smile that you’ve always wanted without the hassle or embarrassment of traditional dental equipment.

Since it is a transparent guard no one will be able to say that you are using Invisalign and therefore you can have a social life without any losses.

You can continue eating and drinking what you want, maintaining the exact protocol of oral hygiene at home indicated by our dental hygienist.

After a specialist visit with our orthodontist you will also be given the duration of your treatment, which varies from case to case, which, once started, requires only a quick monthly check in which the orthodontist, who will evaluate the transition to the next guard and so on until an optimal smile is achieved.

A Star smile, today it is possible: just want it!

The advantages of the Invisalign system

  • It is more aesthetically pleasing, in particular for adults
  • It is generally more comfortable to wear
  • It is removable, allowing better oral hygiene