Laser and …Stops to Sensitive Teeth

Laser and ...Stops to Sensitive Teeth

Dentinal hypersensitivity is a manifestation characterised by a short and acute pain due to an exaggerated response by the tooth to thermal stimuli that can affect one or more teeth.

It occurs mainly in dental sites where there is a demineralisation or lesion of the enamel or in sites that have a gum recession with root exposure.

It is due to the opening of the dentinal tubules (very small and numerous tunnels that connect the outside with the inside of the tooth) thus making possible the passage of stimuli that irritate the dental pulp.

The numerous products on the market (toothpaste, gels, etc.) most of the time fail to give long-lasting results, also due to inadequate brushing of teeth or the intake of very acidic foods and beverages.

The photothermal action of the laser beam causes instantaneous fusion closure of the orifices of the dentinal tubules on the exposed root surfaces, with the consequent impossibility of sensory stimuli to cross the dentin and reach the pulp nerve with an immediate, effective and everlasting desensitising effect.