Laser and …Periodontal treatment

Laser and ...Periodontal treatment

Periodontal disease (better known as pyorrhea) affects more than 60% of the adult population in a more or less severe form and is still considered one of the primary causes of the loss of dental elements.

The goal of non-surgical periodontal therapy is to eliminate the causes of the disease itself and consists in the removal of bacterial biofilm and tartar both above and below the gums assisted by appropriate measures of oral hygiene at home.

The integration of the diode laser as a support and not a substitute for the conventional treatment of periodontal disease has largely demonstrated its efficacy immediately thanks to some of its peculiarities and the way in which the laser beam interacts with the tissues involved.

Among the main advantages we should note:

  • decontaminating effect
  • antalgic action
  • biostimulant and anti-edematous effect
  • One of the strengths of the Rusaldent is its laser therapies introduced in the dental
  • prevention protocols for many years and used by highly qualified clinical staff.