Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening

“Teeth whitening is a trend that has arisen in recent years since, among people, the aesthetic problem has an increasing weight in interpersonal relationships: yellowed, stained, dark teeth are immediately noticed and adversely impress the observer.

On the other hand, a beautiful smile allows us to communicate more effectively by surely capturing the sympathy of the interlocutor. ”

According to recent statistics more than 50% of the world population is not satisfied with the color of their teeth and adopts all possible systems to have them more white and shiny just like

are offered by all advertising models. Dark spots are a considerable aesthetic problem since they are always associated with illness, dirt and / or neglect.

In the wake of this, dental practices have introduced professional dental whitening procedures into their daily clinical practice.

Until recently, to whiten teeth, long sessions in the studio and annoying nocturnal home applications were associated with a series of side effects, one above all:

the sensibility.

The laser system restores whiteness and whiteness to the teeth without affecting the enamel.

The non-invasive method is practically painless and ensures whitening up to ten / twelve shades higher than the color of one’s teeth, undergoing a single session lasting about 45 minutes.

The laser technique has no contraindications and is applicable to anyone without side effects and, above all, with a degree of whiteness never seen before.

Example of teeth whitening

The seat opens with a covering of the dental arches with special protective membranes after which it passes to the application on the teeth of the whitening substance, totally non-toxic because it is composed of hydrogen peroxide, which is then activated by the laser: the latter emits a beam of light that, interacting with the substance applied to the teeth, triggers a chemical reaction that “quickly and definitively attacks the stains”.

It is effective only on live or devitalized teeth while it is not reflected on dental prostheses.

There are not many studios that own the laser for bleaching but it is worth turning a bit to get a dazzling and definitive smile.

The professionals of Rusaldent, demonstrating their continuous technical / scientific evolution also and above all in the interest of providing their patients with the highest quality and modernity that dental research offers, have now introduced their practice for about ten years. daily dental whitening clinic the use of lasers allowing the patient himself to rediscover the brightness and brilliance of his smile, synonymous with well-being and social affirmation.

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